Summer Academy 2022

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Elementary Math

Multiply Success with Kagan Structures!

July 18–19, 2022
Grades K–5

Add zing to your daily math lessons! Boost attention and retention with highly-engaging structures for math instruction. Instead of working independently on drill and kill worksheets, your students will be totally engaged with structures such as Jigsaw Problem Solving. You don't have to change what you're teaching at all. You'll learn easy-to-use tools to boost engagement with your existing math curriculum. Come learn interactive structures you can use time and time again with any math lesson. Your students will love to work together on problem solving. While interacting over math, they'll learn more than ever before. Meet and exceed high math standards with math strategies that are anything but standard! WS# 33766

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  • Encourage mathematical communication with student-to-student interaction
  • Multiply mathematical understanding with think-alouds
  • Provide frequent and immediate feedback with peer coaching structures
  • Promote sharing of problem-solving strategies and thinking in teams
  • Add variety and interest to math with a variety of practice structures
  • Transform boring independent practice into fun pair work
  • Reach high academic standards with research-based strategies

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Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort
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Check-in: 8:00 am
Course: 8:30 am–4:00 pm

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Rave Reviews

“Workshop was fabulous! I learned so many wonderful new things to keep my students engaged in math!”

—Tammie Bean, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Totally works for my math classes! Great ideas, easy execution and makes learning math fun!”

—Jackie Sathe, Math Department Head

“A great workshop to get brilliant activities and ideas not only for math, but across curriculum.”

—Skye Lorent, 4th Grade Teacher

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