Summer Academy 2020

July 8-19 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

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Bully Free Classrooms

Create Buddies, Not Bullies!

July 11-12, 2020 All Grades

Come experience and learn teambuilding and classbuilding activities that radically reduce disruptive behavior and bullying. The evidence is very strong: exclusion breeds bullying. Teambuilding and classbuilding create inclusive classrooms; students like and support each other. Create buddies, not bullies. Additional benefits of the engaging teambuilding and classbuilding activities you experience include creating the security and belonging necessary for higher-level thinking and providing more nutrients for the brain with energizing classbuilders. Reduce the psychological and emotional distance between classmates, instill in students a sense of belonging, and create a caring, cooperative community of learners. WS# 30340

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  • $399

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  • Learn engaging Kagan Structures you can use for fun and serious learning
  • Create a cooperative and caring class through energizing classbuilding activities
  • Create the “will” for students to work together, and teach the “skills” of teamwork
  • Reduce bullying and prevent violence with a class where students know and like each other
  • Reduce perceived threat and free up students' minds to learn more, think more, and be more creative
  • Develop your students' social skills as they cooperate with teammates and classmates
  • Experience structures to meet the five aims of Bully Free Classrooms
  • Energize your entire class with movement, groupings, and celebrations

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  • Bully Free Classrooms Course Workbook
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