Summer Academy 2021

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Accelerating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Increase Achievement, Creativity, Problem-Solving, EQ, and Joy in Teaching and Learning!

July 9-10, 2020 All Grades

Sorry, this event has been CANCELLED!
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Dr. Spencer Kagan has just completed his newest book: Emotion-Friendly Teaching. In this high intensity workshop, master emotion-friendly teaching: 1) Eliciting emotion as we teach, releasing the power of ten positive emotions, and 2) Teaching students to understand and manage their emotions. You receive Dr. Kagan’s Emotion Wheel, a visual tool to help students understand and take control of their emotions. Learn to foster the five dimensions of emotional intelligence: Self-Knowledge, Self-Control, Self-Motivation, Relationship Skills, and Empathy. You will empower your students to no longer be controlled by their emotions; they will know their emotions and know how to move to more positive states. WS# 30332


  • Radically reduce disruptive behavior, bullying, and violence
  • Promote relationship skills and empathy for others
  • Learn how to leverage emotions to increase student self-motivation and achievement
  • Improve class climate and raise students’ IQ by eliciting positive emotions
  • Teach students to understand and manage their emotions with the Kagan Emotion Wheel

Free Kagan Material

  • Emotion-Friendly Teaching Book
  • Kagan Emotion Wheel Poster
  • Accelerating Social-Emotional Learning
    (SEL) Course Workbook
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