Thinking Skills, Days 1 & 2

Kagan Structures to Develop and Engage 15 Thinking Skills!

July 17–18, 2024 in Orlando, Florida

(For Educators of Grades K–12)
Workshop #39021
In this dynamic, hands-on workshop you will experience simple instructional strategies to engage and develop the 15 most fundamental thinking skills. Prepare your students for the information explosion with simple structures for categorizing, brainstorming, deducing, inducing, summarizing, shifting perspective, calculating, symbolizing, problem solving, predicting, synthesizing, and more. Adopt simple structures to develop each of these skills with no time away from your academic curriculum! Learn how to embed the thinking skills into how you teach, so every lesson becomes a thinking skills lesson. Improve academic engagement, retention, and achievement—but most importantly, prepare every student with thinking skills they will use for a lifetime! Transform your classroom into a think tank!
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Workshop Info


Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista
1751 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Orlando, Florida 32830-8430

Date and Time

July 17–18, 2024
Check In: Wednesday 8:00am - 8:30am
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Workshop #


Workshop Highlights

  • Explore the 15 most fundamental thinking skills
  • Jump-start students' critical and creative thinking
  • Prepare students for a rapidly changing world
  • Generate higher-level thinking among all students
  • Integrate thinking skills across your curriculum, in every lesson
  • Strengthen students' analytical skills
  • Enhance synergy with cooperative brainstorming

Bonus Materials

In addition, receive the following materials at a discount (available only to participants of this workshop) by ordering the Bonus Materials package at the same time that you register for this workshop:

  1. Cooperative Learning & Higher Level Thinking: The Q-Matrix w/Question Manipulatives Book
  2. Graphic Organizers SmartCard
  3. Idea Spinner Combo Kit
  4. Question Spinners Combo Kit
  5. Spin-N-Think Combo Kit

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Rave Reviews

“This provided an excellent and unique perspective on one of the central elements of teaching: Thinking! This course also provided an amazing set of tools to help my students become aware of their own thinking.”
Bo Bruen, 6th Grade Teacher
“Thinking Skills was filled with practical and powerful instructional strategies that can be easily and readily implemented.”
Matthew Farrell, Teacher
“This content makes it easier to ensure that all of my students are thinking and participating. I look forward to giving them a new outlook on learning.”
Jessica Ferguson, Language Arts Teacher

“A very enriching experience and workshop. Learned many new engaging and interactive ways to challenge student thinking without traditional monotony.”
Deaja Cannon, History Teacher
“Today we learned about meaningful, engaging, and exciting higher-level thinking structures that promote and provide children with opportunities to practice thinking about ideas or learning concepts.”
Shannon Banzhaf, 3rd Grade Teacher
“Very appropriate and timely. Thinking—what they need most but hardest to get them to do! All these ideas will be implemented immediately!”
Susan Butler, 4th Grade Teacher
“Thinking Skills were excellent! I really enjoyed viewing ways and working through ways to use these skills/structures within the classroom.”
Shirley Warnimont, 2nd Grade Teacher
“Well structured and built upon prior workshops in a way that really made sense. I appreciated the presentation of supporting research and the opportunity to think about thinking.”
Katie Murtaugh, 2nd Grade Teacher
“I feel this enabled me to find methods to increase the thinking skills of my kindergarten students. This is the hardest skill to teach, and now I have new tools!”
Karen Cassels, Kindergarten Teacher

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Register Today! 800.266.7576