Bonus Materials

For The Dynamic Trainer, Day 1,2,3,4,5 (Orlando, Florida)

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What's Included

Brain Boosters: Lasting Concentration CD

Brain Boosters music enters your students' ears, engages their brains, and relaxes their bodies. When you play this beautiful instrumental background music, you promote the state of flow in your classroom as your students read, write, study, work on projects, and solve problems. Brain Boosters music is composed at the ideal tempo so students pay attention and keep on track. Promote a harmonious class climate. Enhance your students' performance and productivity with this brain-friendly music that helps students enter a state of relaxed alertness.

Combo: AnswerBoard Class Set

Maximize engagement with one per student. Includes 32 AnswerBoards, 32 dry erase markers, and 40 mini felt erasers.

Dynamic Visuals for the Dynamic Trainer ( & CD) Book

Spice up your presentations with this collection of visuals designed with the dynamic trainer in mind. Includes visuals for all your training needs. Tell your participants when break is over with, "See you later alligator, Be back at..." Draw attention to important details with, "Let's take a closer look!" Attractive and humorous illustrations bring famous quotations to life. Artwork is available in black and white for handouts and in full color, ready to drop into your PowerPoint¨ presentations. You'll also find numerous pre-made PowerPoint¨ slides. Make your presentations sizzle with these dynamic visuals. 160 pages.

For Whom The Late Bell Tolls Book

From the creator of Close to Home, a cartoon that appears daily in over 600 newspapers around the world, comes this hilarious look at school life. You will laugh at these single-panel cartoons about all aspects of school: teachers, students, parents, classes, and athletics. A great gift for yourself or a colleague with a good sense of humor. 144 pages.


Hands down, the biggest, most powerful timer for teachers available. Mega means big. The MegaTimer measures in at a super-sized 6.5 by 9.5 inches. The jumbo LCD display with a brilliant blue backlight is so big and bright, you can read the display from the back seat of your classroom. Mega also means powerful. Powerful it is with all the standard timer features you would expect, plus many, many more. The MegaTimer's design is so unique and versatile it is patent pending. Push the Student Selector button to randomly pick any student to share. Push the Team Selector button to randomly pick any team in the class to present. Use the Countdown timer to display how much time remains for students to complete their projects. Use the Stopwatch timer to challenge the class how long it takes to clean up. Need dice, a spinner, or random numbers for math problems? The Random mode will generate random numbers for you. Set an Alarm to remind you and the class it's break time. Students seem a little sluggish? Press the Temperature button to check if the temperature is optimal for learning. And when you're not using the timer, display the Time and Date. Carry it around, hang it on the wall, or use the stand to place it on your desk. This is the timer you don't want to be without. Nowhere else will you find so many teaching tools packed into one digital timer. It's big. It's powerful. It's the MegaTimer! Requires 6 AA batteries, not included.

Movin' & Groovin'!

Shake it up baby! Play the most energizing top hits from the 60's to motivate any group. You'll find all your favorites including: The Twist, Louie Louie, Shakin' All Over, Wooly Bully. All music is by the original artists. Kagan has compiled 33 best tunes from this era guaranteed to raise your classroom or training roof! Hits Include: Dance With Me, Sugar & Spice, Shakin' All Over, Sugar Sugar

Numbered Heads Together™ Software

The Quiz Show Review Game for Teams

Students love game show reviews. And students love teamwork. We've put them together in this game show software that your students will ask for time and again! You simply type or paste in your questions or problems for any subject and you're ready to play. It's so easy to use, you can set up a game in just minutes, plus you can save all your games to play next period, next year, or as a refresher next week. You can use just about any type of questions: worksheet problems, review questions, test prep questions, or you can even play with thinking or trivia questions. The game leads teams through Numbered Heads Together, a longtime favorite cooperative learning review structure designed to promote teamwork and accountability for every student. Students put their "heads together" so everyone on the team can answer for the team. And because any student can be picked at any time to share the team's answer, everyone must keep tuned in to every question or problem. Unlike other review games, with Numbered Heads Together you're confident that every student is actively engaged and that everyone is learning. Put the excitement of a quiz show together with the best of instruction and you will transform any review session into a power-packed learning experience. For PC & Mac.

Silly Sports & Goofy Games Book

In a matter of moments you can convert any class into a focused, high-energy community. Boost energy. Boost achievement. Release joy with the world's most comprehensive collection of indoor and outdoor sport and game activities. Includes over 200 step-by-step, fun, and engaging sports and games in nine categories: Terrific Tag, Happy Helpers, Beautiful Balances, Creative Coordination, Meaningful Movements, Crazy Challenges, Ridiculous Relays, Silly Sports and Goofy Games. Use 'em for classroom brain breaks. Use 'em for rainy-day fun. Use 'em for physical education. You will promote classroom community'with these games everyone wins! 296 pages.

Student Selector Combo Kit

Empower your students! Keep everyone on their toes! Be sure everyone is participating! Each team gets their own Student Selector. When it’s time to see who will be the Materials Monitor or the Recorder, teammates give it a spin. When it’s time to see who will share the next answer, teammates give it a spin. When it’s time to see who will start reading, teammates give it a spin. Each spin randomly selects one student on the team. Using the Student Selector is a fun and effective way to improve individual accountability and equalize participation. Works with teams of 2, 3, 4, and 5. Combo includes 8 spinners, one for each team.


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