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Tech Tips

Kagan clues you in to some technology trends and free goodies and teaching tools. Enhance your and your students' tehno-literacy.

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  • 7 Tips to Use Technology to Save Time and Be More Productive
  • Adapting Lessons with Kagan Structures and Laptops - Creating a Cooperative Story
  • Amazon Smile
  • Convert Web Surfing into Powerful Learning Experiences
  • Curriculum + Wiki = Curriki
  • Debunking E-Myths
  • E-mail Giant Files for Free!
  • EasyType Typing Tutor on the Internet
  • Evernote
  • Fast Switching Between TimerTools, SelectorTools, and PowerPoint on the PC
  • Free Computer Backups
  • Free E-Mail Accounts For Your Students
  • Free Fonts and Clip Art from the Web
  • Free Online Business Cards
  • FREE Service: ThinkWave Educator
  • Get Connected! Join Kagan's Online Community
  • Integrating Technology with Kagan Structures
  • iTunes U
  • Kagan Software Support
  • Let's Blog!
  • Listen Up! Spinner.com
  • New Kagan Apps for the iPhone and iPad
  • Organize Your Life with Wunderlist
  • Podcasting In the Classroom
  • Same-Different is the Same But Different In the 1:1 Computer Classroom
  • Send a Free Online eCard
  • Share Your Videos Online
  • Sharing Files Between Home and School Computers
  • Sharing Pictures Is A Snap!
  • SmarterChild: A New Instant Messaging Service
  • Social Networks & Kagan
  • Teachers' Technical Mindset?
  • Teaching with Videoclips
  • Technology Supports Cooperation, It Doesn't Replace It
  • Three-Step Audio Interview
  • Three-Step Video Interview
  • Tweet, Tweet, Get On Your Feet: #Kagan #Cooperativelearning
  • Using SelectorTools with Multiple Classes
  • Xdrive: The Free Internet Hard Drive
  • You're Invited - Free E-Mail Invitations for Any Event