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For Thinking Skills, Day 1 (Kilgore, Texas)

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What's Included

Dry Erase Markers

Set includes four, long-lasting, easy-to-erase bullet tip dry erase markers. For use with Kagan’s dry erase Answer Boards and Mind Mats.


Set includes ten mini felt erasers. Erasers measure 1.25" x 2.5". For use with AnswerBoards, Team Slates, or MindMats.

Graphic Organizers SmartCard

Transform your classroom into a visual think tank with graphic organizers! This colorful SmartCard describes the rationale for using graphic organizers, provides ideas and activities across the curriculum, and illustrates over 30 graphic organizers including: Chains, Ladder, Cycle Graph, Mind Map, Venn Diagrams, Word Web, Concept Map, Concept Charts, Compare/Contrast Charts, PMI, Target, Pie Chart, Fish Bone, Categories, Tree, Pyramid, Matrix, and Plot. You’ll find loads of ideas to use graphic organizers in your class: have students graph the seasons with a Cycle Graph, compare and contrast the branches of government or story characters with a Venn Diagram, Mind Map any important concepts, draw the events of a story or historical event with a Picture Strip, and analyze cause and effect with a Fish Bone. An excellent, quick-reference card for all types of graphic organizers.


8 Graphic Organizer Dry Erase Boards

Put the power of graphic organizers in your students' hands'literally. Simply tell students to compare and contrast two characters in a book. Or outline the steps of the new math algorithm. Or draw a mind map to review the unit. Students pull out their MindMats and go to work. MindMats are double-sided dry erase boards that illustrate the 29 best classroom thinking frames such as Venn Diagrams, Chain, Mind Map, Tree, Fish Bone. Students have a quick visual reference for creating their own graphic organizers. The jumbo-size 11" x 17" mats are large enough to place in the center of a team table for the whole team to simultaneously work on the graphic. As teachers, we've heard the research and witnessed the power of graphic organizers. With MindMats, you can easily make graphic organizers a regular part of your daily lessons. Save paper and save time as you boost thinking skills and content learning. Use with Kagan's dry erase markers and erasers.

Question Spinner

Each team receives their own colorful Question Spinners. A teammate gives the spinners a whirl and randomly generates one of 36 possible question starters across the levels of thinking—“What Is?”, “How Might?”, “What Would?”, and “Why Can?” Use the Questions Spinners before a lesson to have students generate questions about what they want to learn, during a lesson to create thinking about the content, and after the lesson for reflection on what was learned. Students are so absorbed asking and answering their own questions that you are free to circulate from team to team for authentic assessment. Spanish version also available.

Thinking Questions SmartCard

Skyrocket critical and creative questions in your classroom with carefully crafted questions. One of the most frequent and important thing teachers do is ask questions. In fact, teachers ask up to hundreds of questions per day. This easy-reference card is designed to help you ensure that your questions engage and develop your students’ multifaceted thinking skills. It includes a discussion of fat vs. skinny questions, high-consensus vs. low-consensus questions, and true vs. review questions. It overviews the importance of critical and creative questions, and links classroom questions to developing thinking skills. Inside, you will find over 100 re-usable question starters for 36 types of thinking. The question starters are great to enrich your questions and they’re terrific for the student-generated questioning activities described on the back. Keep this little SmartCard handy and remember Einstein’s advice, “The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

ThinkTrix SmartCard

ThinkTrix is a simple strategy to create powerful thinking questions that enhance students’ thinking about any subject. Use the “Thinking Matrix” to develop questions, worksheets, and tests that promote seven fundamental types of thinking: Recall, Cause/Effect, Similarity, Difference, Idea to Example, Example to Idea, and Evaluation. Students can also use ThinkTrix to come up with their own higher-level thinking questions to ask teammates and classmates. Teach your students the seven fundamental types of thinking with definitions, question starters, and curriculum examples. Help your students know how their minds should work to answer questions, and promote metacognitive thinking. ThinkTrix is a wonderfully simple way for you and your students to step your classroom questions up a notch. With ThinkTrix, your students will think more critically and creatively about the subject matter than you ever imagined.


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