Bonus Materials

For Brain-Friendly Teaching, Day 1,2,3 (Orlando, Florida)

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What's Included

Brain-Based Learning SmartCard

Teach smarter, using powerful principles derived from brain science. Ignite your students’ natural love for learning by delivering brain-compatible lessons. Stimulate students’ brains by crafting a challenging, enriched curriculum. Increase motivation and comprehension with active learning. Boost students’ memory through multiple channels. Uncover patterns in learning to help students make connections. Create an inclusive, nonthreatening environment to skyrocket learning. This SmartCard translates brain research into practical, easy-to-understand principles so you can teach with the brain in mind.

Classbuilding SmartCard

Hold the power and simplicity of classbuilding in your hands! Create a caring, cooperative classroom using energizing, classbuilding strategies. Students get out of their seats and have the opportunity to interact with their classmates in a positive way. This SmartCard provides the rationale for classbuilding, and a step-by-step description of 11 fun and practical classbuilding strategies for your class, including: Corners, Find Someone Who, Inside-Outside Circle, Mix-N-Match, Similarity Groups, Stir-The-Class, and Who Am I.

For Whom The Late Bell Tolls Book

From the creator of Close to Home, a cartoon that appears daily in over 600 newspapers around the world, comes this hilarious look at school life. You will laugh at these single-panel cartoons about all aspects of school: teachers, students, parents, classes, and athletics. A great gift for yourself or a colleague with a good sense of humor. 144 pages.

Silly Sports & Goofy Games Book

In a matter of moments you can convert any class into a focused, high-energy community. Boost energy. Boost achievement. Release joy with the world's most comprehensive collection of indoor and outdoor sport and game activities. Includes over 200 step-by-step, fun, and engaging sports and games in nine categories: Terrific Tag, Happy Helpers, Beautiful Balances, Creative Coordination, Meaningful Movements, Crazy Challenges, Ridiculous Relays, Silly Sports and Goofy Games. Use 'em for classroom brain breaks. Use 'em for rainy-day fun. Use 'em for physical education. You will promote classroom community'with these games everyone wins! 296 pages.

Software: Instant Teambuilding

Teambuilding and classbuilding have never been so easy! This software combines the ease of ready-to-use questions with the power of full interaction structures. Lead your students through teambuilding and classbuilding by simply clicking through the steps of the structures provided. Students have fun, get acquainted, and celebrate each other. Teams and classrooms become a supportive environment, optimal for learning. The Teambuilding version features Timed RoundRobin and Spotlight, two team-based interaction structures. The Classbuilding version features Travel-N-Tell and Mix-Pair-Share, two structures to promote positive classmate interactions. Choose from one of the 20 unique question sets in each software to create teambuilding and classbuilding activities with zero prep, or make and save your own question sets. For PC, Mac, Interactive Whiteboards. Get both programs together and save big!

Teambuilding SmartCard

Have all the wonders of teambuilding at your fingertips! Build students’ will to work together and their cooperative teamwork skills using empowering teambuilding strategies. Give students the opportunity to interact with their teammates in a positive way. Build teams in which Together Everyone Achieves More! This SmartCard provides the rationale for teambuilding, and a step-by-step description of 14 fun and practical teambuilding strategies for your class, including: 4S Brainstorming, Find-the-Fib, Match Mine, Pairs Compare, Team Interview, and Team Project.

TimerTools Software

Projectable Timers for Teachers and Trainers

Imagine this: You are doing a PowerPoint? presentation and with one click, your whole screen turns into a huge hourglass to let your learners know how much time they have left to discuss an issue. Or, your class computer rings a "Time's Up!" alarm letting students know it's time to switch gears. Excitement mounts as your class or workshop participants race against the TimerTools stopwatch, attempting to break their prior record for a challenging task. It's all possible with TimerTools. TimerTools is the Swiss army knife for teachers and presenters: 18 essential tools in one! Whether you are presenting to a small class or a huge audience, TimerTools is your perfect solution for every presentation need: hourglass, analog clock, digital clock, alarm clock, multiple customizable alarms, seconds timer, countdown timer, spotlight timer, turn timer, interval timer, bar timer, task timer, preset timer, percent timer, color timer, digital stopwatch, analog stopwatch, and split stopwatch. Each attractive, scalable, customizable timer tool is super easy to use. Ideal for computer presentations or to turn your whole computer into a suite of powerful timing tools For PC and Mac.

Twist-Up Crayons

Team 4-Pack

Kagan's very own twist-up crayons in a colorful team pack. Pack includes four colors: red, green, blue, and purple. Perfect for team projects: each student uses his or her own color. You can see at a glance who contributed what to the team project. Great for individual accountability. All Twist-Up Crayons are dark colors and have a fine point for writing. They're mess free. They never need sharpening. There's no paper to unravel. Just give the bottom a little twist!


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