School Improvement Plans

District and School Improvement Program

School Improvement Plan: Suggested Components
The ultimate goal of staff development is to create systemic change that positively impacts student learning over time. It is essential that any new innovation be part of a structured school improvement process that includes training, monitoring, support and resources. As a leader in research-based instruction, Kagan recognizes that change takes time. Improvement in student performance only occurs after teachers have time to development new skills in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Dr. Vern Minor, Director of Workshops and Graduate Programs, will assist districts to develop plans that include key elements of school improvement such as teacher training, administrator training, coaching, implementation monitoring, and assessment. In addition, Dr. Minor will work with districts to build internal capacity so that Kagan Cooperative Learning becomes part of the school culture.

For more information regarding support and resources, email Dr. Minor at

"I would be pleased to discuss your school or district's needs and see how Kagan can help you make a positive longterm impact on student engagement, achievement, and school culture. Whether you're looking for a multi-year school plan or a large-scale district improvement plan, Kagan is here to help. We know what works. I look forward to chatting with you!"

Dr. Vern Minor

Dr. Vern Minor

Director of Educational Leadership
Dr. Vern Minor currently serves as Director of Educational Leadership for Kagan Professional Development. Dr. Minor served in the public school setting for 30 years before joining the Kagan team on a full-time basis. During those three decades of work, he was employed in an administrative capacity for 23 years, having served at both the building and central levels. He spent 16 years as a superintendent of schools during which time he led K–12 implementation efforts of cooperative learning in two districts. As the current Director of Educational Leadership for Kagan, his duties include developing district leadership capacity, helping schools address systemic issues which impact teaching and learning, and assisting district leaders with implementation efforts. Dr. Minor brings two decades worth of leadership experience to the table as a background for helping educators as they strive to ensure that all students are successfully engaged in learning. Dr. Minor has conducted professional development on various reform issues, including the following: leadership, educational change, cooperative learning, cooperative meetings, peer coaching, new teacher induction, inclusion of special needs children, site-based management, and the school improvement process.

“Vern, thank you for inspiring us to not settle for less than the best education for all kids.”
Kimberly Bracken, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Vern is professional. Expert level of knowledge. Passionate about topic. Concerned about raising the bar on the teaching profession. (Thank you!) Dedicated to giving the participants a full learning experience.”
Erik Smith, 5th Grade Teacher

“Vern Minor is a dynamic trainer and professional. He has the ability to share himself on a number of levels, personal and professional. He has the experience needed to share from a teacher's, administrator's, and supervisor's point of view.”
Sandra Dunbar, Principal