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Davis District

Davis District
Bountiful, Utah

Dear Spencer,

We have been implementing Cooperative Learning in Davis District and the state of Utah now for over ten years. The impact and flow has rolled from one district to another as teachers learn new strategies for teaching. As trainer/facilitators my workskhop partner and I have seen the strategies move through schools sometimes even starting with one teacher. Another teacher will come in and watch or notice the lack of discipline problems due to Classbuilding and Teambuilding and want to know more. The impact on students and parents has been powerful. Parents want to know how to get the secondary schools to do Cooperative Learning and once students have been in the Cooperative Learning atmosphere they too want to continue to learn in this manner. I see something that essentially started as a grassroots teacher movement slowly impacting more and more students each year. For myself in my own classroom, it has been my hope that my students will become familiar with the terminology of the Social skills and apply it to their own lives.


Colleen C. Uhl

Colleen Uhl
Bountiful Elementary
1620 W.50 South
Bountiful, Utah 84010

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