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Watch how Kagan Cooperative Learning engages students and boosts learning. This 23 minute video is broken into three separate parts. Click Part 1 to start the video. Put the power of Kagan to work for your school!

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About the Video...

Kagan Professional Development is making a dramatic difference in classrooms across the world. In this inspiring video, we meet Dr. Spencer and Laurie Kagan, the executive directors of Kagan Publishing and Professional Development. The Kagans, internationally-acclaimed authors and presenters, take us on a tour into classrooms using Kagan Structures.

We look at two schools on opposite sides of the country who have made tremendous gains in test scores as a result of implementing Kagan: Berkley Elementary (K-5) in Polk County, Florida, and Catalina Ventura School (K-8) in Phoenix, Arizona.

We hear from administrators, teachers, and students themselves about the powerful effect Kagan Structures are having on academic achievement, discipline, student relations, thinking skills, and enjoyment of teaching and learning.

Once you see how students in the classroom interact and learn, it's no surprise why Kagan is considered a leader in Professional Development in schools throughout the country.

Team up with Kagan Professional Development to make a dramatic difference in your school!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this three-part video.