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ARRA Summary

Kagan’s summary of ARRA

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Kagan’s full online catalog with products to boost achievement and reach high academic standards


More research on the effectiveness of Kagan Cooperative Learning.

Excellence and Equity

The article, Excellence and Equity, which summarizes how Kagan increases overall achievement and reduces the achievement gap

Instructional Revolution

The Instructional Revolution article which summarizes the theoretical rationale for Kagan instructional strategies

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A PDF flyer summarizing ARRA with Kagan product recommendations.

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

Kagan has prepared this brief informational overview of the economic-stimulus aid to education. For a full description, please visit:

Title I: Improving reading and math instruction in schools across income levels.

  • Training materials that may be used by teaching coaches and mentors  to improve instruction and student achievement;
  • Professional development tools that encourage collaboration among the instructional staff;
  • Materials usable by reading or math coaches to provide professional development;
  • Enhance reading curriculum to address academic achievement problems;
  • Electronic teaching aids as a supplement to learning techniques, including math and science content areas;
  • Integrated technology to structure and enhance classroom activities and promote active
  • engagement for every learner;
  • Learning structures and activities usable in before/after school programs, summer school and extended learning environments.

IDEA Funds

  • Improve teaching methods to reach students with disabilities.
  • Implement structures and activities that promote inclusion, and raise comprehension and retention for all learners.
  • Enhance reading, math, writing and science curricula through proven and innovative teaching strategies;
  • Development of behavioral supports and behavior management tools for teachers of students with disabilities.
  • Expand inclusive placement options through incorporating teaching methods that encourage inclusion and benefit students of all learning abilities.

Enhancing Education Through Technology

  • Instructional software applications for classroom management and structuring of activities.

Early Childhood Education Programs

  • Resources to support achievement of early learning/content standards for grades K–3
  • Enhance Head Start and Early Head Start programs through techniques that are applicable across content areas and grade levels, as part of an overall, comprehensive education program for low-income students.