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Polk City Elementary School

Office of the Principal
125 South Bouganvillea Avenue
Polk City, FL 38868
Telephone (941) 965-6338

January 31, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

The Kagan Cooperative Learning Training is the best and most exciting training I've received in the 27 years I've been in education. Our teachers who were trained in the program implemented the structures in their classrooms and found that student participation in learning increased, along with achieving a higher level of student mastery of taught skills.

If you are looking for something that will energize your class, increase student performance, and promote social skills, this is it! You can have it all in a simple ten-minute Kagan structure with over a hundred structures from which to choose.

In past years I've received beginning, intermediate, and advanced Cooperative Learning training. These training sessions were cumbersome, time—consuming, and often ineffective in the classroom. Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies are different. They are easy to implement and extremely effective! I highly recommend the training to everyone!

Randy Borland

Polk City Elementary

"We Believe and Together We Succeed"

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