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Lake Alfred Middle School

1000 North Buena Vista Boulevard Lake Alfred, Florida 33850
(941) 295-5955 Fax 295-5978

Carol Fulks

January 27, 2000

To: Nancy Murray
Kagan and Kagan Cooperative Learning

From: Carol Fulks
Principal, Lake Alfred Middle School

Our mission statement at Lake Alfred Middle School includes actively engaging all students in quality learning experiences. Using Kagan strategies makes this easy to accomplish. Kagan & Kagan Cooperative Learning is a fabulous way to involve ALL students through positive interdependence, while maintaining individual accountability. We are so excited to see the positive impact this is having on student achievement in our school.

Overall research shows that Kagan and Kagan Cooperative Learning will increase student achievement through class building, team building, and mastery learning. Teachers are raving about the improved assessment grades for their students. In addition, the interest level in classrooms has increased thanks to Kagan strategies involving equal participation and simultaneous interaction.

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