Saving Software to Computer

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Saving Software to Computer

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I recently purchased the for instant team and class building, instant engagement, and numbered heads together. I asked my question at the training and I got a great response, but my mind was on overload and I'm not sure I understand the response anymore. So I'm asking again now that I've had time to digest the information provided!

Is it possible for me to save the software in my dropbox folder that's on the computer so that I can work on importing the questions both from school and home? I think the answer to that was no, but is there a better place that I can do a download with the activation code, or is my school computer the best spot? I have a desktop and laptop in my classroom that I use, in addition to my home computer that I occasionally bring in and connect to my projector.

Also, I'm not sure if I misunderstood, but if we purchase the software and the software is later updated, is it true that we get the update sent to us or our school site? We have a site license for timer, team, and selector tools and there were timers used at the training that we do not currently have on our software. How do we go about getting those updates to our site?

Thank you for your help! Our teachers had a fabulous time last weekend and are already implementing some of the great strategies! Have a great day!
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Re: Saving Software to Computer

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Thank you for your recent purchases!

You are correct, it isn't possible to use a Drop Box-type application to share / access the software form multiple computers. It sounds like a per user site license was purchased, as opposed to a CD, is that right?

Site licenses are sold on a per user basis, and each user gets one installation. Exactly which computer to install it on depends on where it is used most frequently. You may want to check with your IT department to see if there are extra licenses available so you can have it installed in multiple locations.

The site license can be viewed in its entirety here:

To transfer the questions you are creating from one computer to the other, you will need to follow that software programs data export / import process. This process is outlined in the User's Guide that came with each program. Generally speaking though, you will copy the questions to a Word document, email the Word document to yourself so you can access it from the other computer, and then paste the questions into the other program. You could use Drop Box to store the Word document so it doesn't have to be emailed from one computer to another.

If your school is running an older version of software, then they can contact our customer service department to get the download for the free upgrade ( or 800.933.2667, ext. 2). The software does not auto-update, but the updates are provided free of charge.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and are glad that you find the software resources helpful!