Using Math & Foreign Language symbols in Kagan software

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Using Math & Foreign Language symbols in Kagan software

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One limitation of Kagan software is that it is designed to work with text only; it cannot accept images. This causes trouble with some foreign language characters and math symbols, but there is an on-line keyboard that will help provide a work-around for many of these issues.

To use math symbols in Kagan software:

- Go to: (this website presents free mathematics and foreign language keyboards)
- Type out the question with the symbol in the space provided, and then copy & paste the question directly into the Kagan software.
- After entering your questions (and answers if desired), save the game.

The selected math symbols are now ready to use in the questions you prepared!

To use a foreign language, visit the same webpage and select the language of interest along the left side of the page. The process is the same after you've selected the appropriate 'keyboard'.

As always, we recommend saving your questions & answers in a separate file as well:

- Select the [Import/Export] [edited] and copy & paste the questions into a WordPad text document. This allows you to save the questions & answers for future use.

Thanks for your interest in Kagan products!