Learning Cubes - Story Elements

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Learning Cubes - Story Elements

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Does anyone know what each side of the "Story Element" learning cube says? I wasn't able to click on it to view each side of the cube. Thanks.
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Re: Learning Cubes - Story Elements

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While I don't know exactly what each side of the cube says, the product description states six story elements?

Story Elements Cube
Students examine any story's elements: setting, point of view, plot, character, conflict, moral.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Learning Cubes - Story Elements

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Thanks for your interest in Kagan's Learning Cubes! The Story Element cube (item MLS) has discussion starters on each side. They are:

1. Draw a picture representing the setting. Why is the setting important?
2. What lessons does the store teach? Why are they important?
3. How would a different point of view change the story?
4. What were the three most important events in the story? Why?
5. Describe the main character's appearance, actions, and thoughts.
6. List the conflicts in the story. Which was the main conflict. Why?

I hope this helps!