Numbered Heads Together data transfer PC

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Numbered Heads Together data transfer PC

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One of our teachers has been using the program for some time and has created numerous tests for her students. She is getting a new computer and I would like to transfer these tests to her new computer but I am unsure how to do this. Her current computer is running windows 7 and her new computer will be running the same OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Numbered Heads Together data transfer PC

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Good question! You can export & then import Numbered Head Together questions & answers from one computer to another.

Instructions on how to do this are presented on pages 8-10 of the User's Guide, which is available here: ... Manual.pdf

Essentially though, you will be copying the questions from the existing program and pasting them into a text file (exporting). On the new computer, you will copy the data from the text file and paste it into the new program on the new computer (importing).

The User's Guide provides more details and pictures than I have provided here, but if you would like additional information, our Customer Service team can be reached at or 800.966.7576, option 1.

Thanks and good luck!