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I was wanting to join the Kagan Club, but I am unsure if you pay a one time fee to join or if this is a recurring fee throughout the year. I want to make sure I am not missing any fine print! Thanks!
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Thanks for your interest in the Kagan Club!

The Kagan Club is an annual membership, so you would have to renew each year to gain access to the digital features and benefits. The good part is that each time you renew, you also get a new selection of products (valued at $30+), and new $10 product & $25 professional development coupons!

We change out the products that come with the membership each July, and we just came out with our offering. You can learn about the new Kagan Club and sign up right here:

I hope this answers your questions, but let us know if there is anything else we can do to be of assistance. Thanks again!
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I love that every year the Kagan club changes.