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Cooperative Learning Book Club

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone has created or knows of a study guide to go along with the Cooperative Learning book? I'm leading a professional development book club with the teachers at our school. Thanks for any suggestions you might have!
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Although there are no specific study guides that go with the Cooperative Learning Book, there are discussion and review questions at the end of each chapter. It might be fun and worthwhile to have different participants practice using structures by taking turns leading the discussion. Perhaps going back to that basic formula (activity = content +structures) where you look at the content and then choose the structure to meet the objective. Therefore, analyzing the discussion questions for the particular function and then applying the appropriate structure (refer to pg 6.24 in the Binder). So if there are 6 participants in the book club, could you have one act as teacher using structure, one act as coach following along to make sure no steps are missed, and four using the structure? I'd love to know how that works out. Best of luck.