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I purchased the TimerTools but am having trouble finding the instructions. It says it's on the CD, but all I am able to get is the wizard to set it up. I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious, but would appreciate help. Thanks!!!
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Re: TimerTools

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I think you will find the directions you need inside a file once you have started the installation process. Double-check your computer's directory to see if it shows up. If you continue to have trouble, please feel free to contact the Kagan Office at 1(800)933-2667 and choose 0 from the automated answering system to get an operator. Someone in Customer Service or the Instructional Technology departments will be able to further help you. Good luck and thank you for your interest in Kagan Cooperative Learning!
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Re: TimerTools

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We also have all software instructions available for download directly from our website. If you visit:


You will be able to download the instructions for the TimerTools application. If you would like some personal assistance though, please give us a call or email our Customer Service team at 800.266.7576 (option 1), or questions@kaganonline.com.

Thank you!