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Kagan Zoom Workshops

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I'm considering taking the December 16th workshop on using Zoom - currently, I teach private music lessons via Zoom, but I'm thinking of offering some larger workshops (up to 30 people) for the hammered dulcimer. In fact, I have one scheduled for January already. In the past when I've been able to do these in person, I often pair folks up to work on a specific task (harmonizing, considering chord substitutions, creating countermelodies, improvising, etc.) and I do use some of the Kagan structures to get them working more effectively (especially the coaching model, but also pairs share and others). I just don't see how this would be possible on Zoom...but then there's this workshop that I read about in an email.

My question is: can you tell me more about what will be offered, and do you think it would benefit me as a workshop leader for the hammered dulcimer? I already know about screen sharing and have used it successfully, but other than that and switching between cameras to show either an overhead or a side view of the dulcimer (and me as well), I don't know any other "tricks" that Zoom can do.
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Re: Kagan Zoom Workshops

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Your class sounds amazing! I've always loved the hammered dulcimer. It sounds like a class that I should consider taking!

Here's a link to a description of the Total Student Engagement through Zoom workshop: https://www.kaganonline.com/workshops/k ... rce&p=zoom

I think it would be a GREAT match for your content with your adult learners with the hammered dulcimer! As it sounds like you're already familiar with some of the basic Kagan Structures for engagement, remember that structures are simply procedures -- repeatable sequence of steps that can be used consistently with any content to structure the learners' interaction with the content, with each other, and/or with the teacher. Consequently, the Zoom workshop will not focus on any one content area specifically (and certainly not the hammered dulcimer LOL). As adaptations to Kagan structures are shared for remote learning via the Zoom platform, the trainer of the workshop will lead you in analyzing each of the Structures shared in determining which aspects of your content would be appropriate for utilizing that particular Structure. In addition to learning adaptations for several Kagan Structures for remote learning, you also will learn how to use multiple aspects of the Zoom online platform to engage your learners.

I hope you're able to register for the workshop! Stay safe.