Kagan and Social Distancing

Questions or discussion about Kagan theory, research, or implementing Kagan in your classroom.
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Kagan and Social Distancing

Post by roussel » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:10 am

Any recommendations on how to safely implement strategies when students need to be spaced out/not sharing supplies/etc?

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Re: Kagan and Social Distancing

Post by lhagedorn » Thu Jun 18, 2020 6:59 pm

I had the same question. We will return to school the first of August (elementary) - desks are six feet apart - wondering how to adapt structures.

Tom Searl
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Re: Kagan and Social Distancing

Post by Tom Searl » Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:53 pm

Hello and thanks for your inquiry!

Social distancing in our physical classrooms will present challenges all the way around, for sure! Our "stop structures", such as RallyRobin, Timed Pair Share, Pair Share, RoundRobin (variations) will still be able to be used wile students talk to one another. The only difference is they'll be standing or seated further apart from one another. There will be some need for management of voice level, however, these structures would be usable. For novelty, these pair & team structures can also be used while students stand, while talking. I would start with these structures at the beginning of the year, so you get accustomed to how to manage them in a socially distanced setting.

Eventually, work your way up to doing classbuilding structures (ex: Mix Pair Share, Stand Up -Hand Up - Pair Up, etc.) They'd still be usable, however, the adaptation would be no touching, and walking as far apart from one another, as physically possible, while they mix in the room.

Since students won't be sharing supplies, the team tubs would no longer be used, and each student would need to have their own sets of materials/supplies.

For structures like Fan N Pick, all teammates would be looking at the same set of questions, instead of passing a set of cards around the team. Their roles would stay the same, but no cards will be passed.

For Quiz Quiz Trade, each student can have their own sheet of questions. To account for distancing, have 1/2 of the students stand up with their sheet & find a seated person, who has their hand up (indicating they need a partner). Once they find a seated partner, they sit apart from each other. Then, they choose 1 of the questions on the sheet to Quiz, and their partner does the same. They say goodbye and only 1 of them stands up, to find a different seated partner.

Hoping these ideas help! Thank you for what you do for education and for kids!