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copyright terms of use

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I'm wondering if a" Kagan Strategy name" such as "Think-Pair-Share" or "Quiz-Quiz-Trade" can be used to name a commercial product that will be sold in an online store such as (Ecwid or TpT)? Can those strategy names be use by adding a copyright symbol to the strategy name and referencing that the strategy was created by Spencer Kagan similar to GOOGLE apps rules...
Or, do I need to create a unique name for a product that would not refer to Kagan Strategies at all? Like "Quiz and Switch" or "Check-Check-Swap"
I cannot find any reference to this particular usage of the strategies in your Terms of Use page. Since these strategies are world famous and teachers make a true connection to their validity in the classroom... I want to be sure that I am in compliance with your proper requirements.
Thank you for your prompt assistance,
Jean Adams
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Re: copyright terms of use

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Hi Jean,
Thank you for your discussion. Please refer to for help regarding copyright issues.

Thank you!