Kagan and standards

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Kagan and standards

Post by piper7971 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:20 am

I have bought many of the books but I keep having trouble to use many of the structures and apply them using standard base questions for reading. I bought the Language arts books 1-2 but still the examples are lie too general and based on topics like grammar, author, main idea. I wish Kagan would do book with the structures based on standard questions. I would love to hear suggestions from other teachers on how are they doing the structures with standard based questions.

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Re: Kagan and standards

Post by Rob » Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:57 pm

Hi, I understand your comment. The Kagan books are always good examples of how teachers have used structures with content. The books are not meant to replace curriculum, but to decrease the learning curve of how long it takes to get good at the structures and be able to infuse them naturally within our own lessons with ease.

One thing that might help is a better understanding of Dr Kagan’s 10 Functions. The Interpersonal and Academic Functions are described on page 6.25 in (BKCL)Kagan Cooperative Learning. With a solid understanding of them, you can easily select a structure to match your content.

Example: After reading Hamlet, Students will be able to identify and differentiate examples of literary and dramatic irony.

This standard could be considered as the Knowledgebuilding function. Go to page 6.24 in BKCL and scroll down the Knowledgebuilding column and immediately you would find that AllRecord Consensus would be an excellent possibility.

I hope this helps.