Music for the Mind

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Music for the Mind

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Can you refer me to any research that proves an association with Kagan's music for the mind and improved concentration, etc.? Thank you.
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Check out the "Sound Health Series" on google.


Re: Music for the Mind

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I agree that more research data results would make the Kagan music products more popular. I really need Kagan to update it's music selection to the 90's and 2000-2013. I use oldies and some modern music for when we do activities like hand-up, stand-up, and pair up. It is great to watch the kids get into the activity because of the background music I play. My problem is time! Although I use youtube to get my is cumbersome. My ipod recently died. So it would be nice to have a couple CD's loaded on my computer to click to different songs. if we had more updated music that our CURRENT students know and enjoy this process would be easier. :)

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Re: Music for the Mind

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You definitely have great reasons for your wanting to use more "modern" music. The problem, unfortunately, becomes in securing the licensing rights to current music. You might check out compilation CD's that you can find sometimes on iTunes or stores like Target and Barnes & Noble.

Personally, I have found that my students have always been more likely to take the energizing effects of upbeat, popular music to a "crazy" or "distracting" level if they know the songs too well. That's why I often prefer to play upbeat 50's and 60's music. It has the same effect of energizing the brain waves of the students, without them singing along to the point of distraction.

Best of luck in your search for the music! I'm so thrilled when I hear a teacher like you who cares that his/her students enjoy being in the classroom!
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Re: Music for the Mind

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Music for Concentration

Danse from "Tatare" - Salieri

Arioso - Bach

Andante from Violin Concerto, Opus 10, No. 5 - Albinoni

Largo from Concerto No. 3 for Two Violins - Bach

Largo from Violin Concerto, Opus 3, No. 6 - Vivaldi