Calling Christi Brown

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Calling Christi Brown

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Christi Brown,
2020 Covid General Music= Right now in our State No Singing (Unless masked), No shared material, No large gatherings...
I would love to hear from you. Do you have some ideas and adaptions to some structures for MUSIC instruction?
Will you be doing any online trainings for Music? Please let us know. I will be on in a second.
My biggest adjustment will be, no shared materials. (I have one classroom set of everything that rotates) I had a training today to learn how to use my I-pad to display the text book on my screen vs using the classroom set of books. I know there will be a lot of thinking outside the box this year. Please share if you will be doing any trainings or have any suggestions.

Is there a space or site for Music ideas, where we can be sharing what is and isn't working?

Thank You
Leslie Bauman
Valdez, Alaska
Christi Brown
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Re: Calling Christi Brown

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Hi Leslie!

Yes, we are certainly in unprecedented times!
I do not have an online course specifically for music teachers but if you already have the textbook and have used Structures in the music room already, there are two options for you online.
1. Back to School: Adapting to Covid - - Structures you already know but are given adaptations for LOTS of structures if you will be teaching in the physical classroom, in-person. For example, Fan-n-Pick, we do not need to physically share the cards since each student has their own copy of the questions (or the content). This training is only 3 hours long and will cover ALL you need to know for adaptations and engagement.
2. Adapting Structures: Distance Learning - - specifically targets teachers who will be teaching ONLINE, or a virtual platform. With a previous knowledge of structures, we show you behind the scenes, the HOW to use structures!

The creativity abounds when it comes to teaching and teachers! I hope one of those online sessions would help you. I know singing with a mask on and 6' apart is not ideal, but I would also concentrate and focus on sign language. One more possibility: move movement in their "hula hoop." Rhythm sticks, and lots of unpitched percussion instruments would give everyone an instrument with out the sharing. We never share Soprano recorders, so how did we manage that in RallyCoach or Fan-n-Pick? We took turns playing. (NO passing of instruments).

Here is my email for more brainstorming and I'd love to hear what's working for you!
I do hope instrumental music and choir can make a come back.
Best Wishes,
~Christi Brown