Instant Engagement Software - Kicks Me off

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Instant Engagement Software - Kicks Me off

Post by Joel_W »

For some reason when I open a saved game and pick one to play, it kicks me off. It might play for a few seconds but then quits on me and goes back to the "home" screen of the software. I've used this software for a few months and never had this issue. I tried re-installing the software but it still continues to kick me out of the game. Anyone else have this issue?
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Re: Instant Engagement Software - Kicks Me off

Post by parkeratkagan »

Hi Joel - I haven't heard of this issue before. We tried to re-create it here in our offices, but were unsuccessful in doing so.

I can send you a link so the most-current version of the software can be downloaded, which will at least eliminate any version issues. Which Instant Engagement software are you using, and are you on a Mac or a PC? Does it allow you to create / play a new game?

My email address is, so if you can either post your responses and contact info here or send me a note with it, I'll get the appropriate links over to you right away. Sorry for the extra hassle.