Kagan Apps and Sound on the iPad

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Kagan Apps and Sound on the iPad

Post by parkeratkagan » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:30 am

There has been some discussion / uncertainty about whether or not Kagan Apps have sound or not, as some iPad users are not able to hear anything from the iPad speakers. All of our Apps do in fact have sound, and there is a setting that iPad users may need to adjust if there is no audio. Below is a summary and the solution:

The Situation: Many non-Apple Apps have no sound from the iPad internal speaker. However, using headphones or external speakers provides sound from all apps. Apple Apps (YouTube, music, video, safari, etc) continue to function and play sound out of internal speakers normally.

The Issue: This issue is related to the 'mute' / screen orientation lock icon. If your iPad mute switch was on mute when you switched it to orientation lock, 3rd party apps will remain muted via internal speakers no matter what you do.

The Resolution: Go to Settings -> General and switch from 'lock rotation' to mute. Slide the switch to the non-muted position. You can now switch back to 'lock rotation' and your apps will play sound from the internal speaker again.

If there are any feedback about any of this, please contact our Customer Service team at questions@kaganonline.com. Thanks!!