cooperative learning/collaborative learning

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cooperative learning/collaborative learning

Post by teacherblues » Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:16 pm

Our school district has started to use Kagan's cooperative learning and collaborative learning in the same sentence. I have use the Kagan approach in my classroom for many years. Now, cooperative/collaborative is so overused. My students want to know anytime we do an activity if they can have a partner. Our students want to have a buddy to help with the work. Even when we prepare for a test, they want a buddy. Our district wants cooperative/collaborative learning with all subjects, even workstations/centers. What is happening? I want my students to be creative, but that is not happening because they have relied on others. Our students need to work independently at certain times. What is your view?

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Re: cooperative learning/collaborative learning

Post by rachel.treaster » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:33 am

I applaud your use of the structures in your classroom. After reading your situation, my immediate thought is to give the students what they want! Using cooperative learning in classrooms meets their basic needs. They want to socially interact. In allowing students to interact, they are able to process their thoughts with a partner. This also allows them to get their thoughts in order, prior to their independent work time. Could you have them experience a structure, like time pair share, so they are able to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions about a specific topic? By being involved in a structure the students hear from different perspectives as well.
I have also attached one of Dr. Kagan's articles that you may find helpful. ... -Questions