Research on music in the classroom

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Research on music in the classroom

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My school is currently debating about letting students listen to music while working in classes. Currently about half our staff is either OK with it or actively let students do it. I'm not a fan for several reasons, one being how students are disengaged with each other but the other has to do with what I think is research Kagan uses to justify their stance on music in the classroom.

I am a novice at Kagan structures but I read enough to know that students listening to music with lyrics while working is not a good idea. I'm most interested in what research can I use to help change the minds of my staff who see nothing wrong with students listening to music with lyrics while working in class.

Thanks for any thoughts on the subject.

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Re: Research on music in the classroom

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Thank you for the discussion.
Music is cunning, baffling, and powerful.

Here are some websites and books to check out.
Music Resources/Research

1) Elizabeth Miles, “Tune Your Brain” book
* website:
* Research is in the book not the website
2) Don Campbell, “The Mozart Effect” book
* offers research and resources
3) Book “Learn with the Classics” by Ole Anderson, Marcy Marsh, and Dr. Arthur Harvey
4) “Music with the Brain in Mind” by Eric Jensen book
* ... classroom/ brain-based-learning
* ... d-learning

Examples of instrumental music include: Gary Lamb (all CD's sold on this website), some New Age, Baroque, or environmental (nature) music.
Good luck and I hope your students find great success and appreciation for music in the classroom.
All the Best,
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