Rationale for CL structures in PE classroom

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Rationale for CL structures in PE classroom

Post by lisahall » Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:22 pm

I am currently training the new teachers in our building and a question arose today that I need some support on. Our PE teacher is trying to use structures in her classroom, but is bothered by the amount of time the students are not actively moving when utilizing a structure during her 23 minute class period. I was wondering if there was a research article or something out there that might help her see the benefits to using these structures. I am a regular education teacher and somewhat answered her question, but I wanted to see what other ideas, tips, and information is out there. Thanks.

Wendy Burke
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Re: Rationale for CL structures in PE classroom

Post by Wendy Burke » Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:46 am

The amount of movement varies depending on the structure used. I would recommend to your PE teacher to use some Classbuilder structures like: Mix Pair Share and Inside Outside Circle that can be used for Processing or practicing a Procedural skill. Also, check the Kagan website. Dr. Kagan has many free articles there- that may be a good resource for you. Hope that helps. :)

Christi Brown
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Re: Rationale for CL structures in PE classroom

Post by Christi Brown » Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:18 pm

A lot of PE teachers support the Cooperative Learning in a school by teaching the students one or two SillySports and Goofy Games a month. This allows students to engage in win-win ways of playing and the teachers, who might not have time to teach a game to students, now have a quick brain break ready thanks to the PE teacher! It's a balance between teaching students competitive sports and the good sportsmanship skills involved, as well as, the cooperative skills in SillySports. The book is by Dr. Spencer Kagan and has over 200 energizers and games!
Let them play!!!
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Re: Rationale for CL structures in PE classroom

Post by melissasw » Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:54 pm

Let me share just a couple great ideas I've seen PE teachers use with structures.
First, I saw one PE teacher use RallyRobin to check for understanding after teaching the the benefits of physical activity. The way he did this was sitting down feet to feet, holding hands/arms, depending on the grade, and they pulled each other back and forth, like a teeter totter, and they shared their response with each other.
I've also seen a PE teacher use Mix-Pair-Share, and during the mixing instead of just walking, they had to do some type of phsyical movement related to what they were working on; skipping, side stepping, etc. using questions like "what are the advantages of being on a sports team, such as basketball, soccer, etc?" for a RallyRobin.
I also saw a PE teacher use RallyCoach as students were learning how to serve a tennis ball. The coach had a card with the steps on it in order to help their partner with in the moment fixes.
Hope these help!