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Social Studies 1 | 2

Adventures Through World History!
Activities to Engage ALL Students
Rickey Millwood (Grades 7–12)
Make world history an adventure. This book offers activity ideas galore to address students' various learning styles. Students will make posters, draw political cartoons, sing songs, conduct research, create graphs, and role-play events. With these meaningful activities, students are more engaged, more motivated to learn, and more immersed in world history. The book is loaded with great ideas to surpass the Global Studies Standards. The 20 chapters span from Ancient Egypt (4000 BC) to recent events in the modern world. The 100 time-saving reproducible blackline masters come complete with a student-friendly description of the historical topic or period to provide context and meaning. 192 pages. BMHW • $34
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American History
All Aboard!
By Rickey Millwood, Diane Theo, Tracy Taylor (Grades 4–7)
Take your students on a journey through American History. You'll find more than 1,500 activity ideas to engage your students' multiple intelligences for every period of U.S. history: from early exploration and colonization to entering the 21st Century. With 128 reproducible activities that span the eight intelligences, you'll have your students explore history from multiple perspectives while making the content accessible to your different learners. Students use vocabulary terms to write a story about cowboys and cattle drives, perform a Native American dance, compare and contrast the British and Continental Armies, pen a peace treaty after World War I, write a newspaper report on the death of President Lincoln, create a postage stamp on America's space program, draw a political cartoon about high gasoline prices, sequence events that led to the end of the Confederacy, do a team presentation on the Prohibition, create a timeline of New Deal programs. Includes formative assessment questions for each chapter to ensure students are "getting it." 224 pages. BMHA • $34
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Experience U.S. History!
Activities to Engage ALL Students
Rickey Millwood (Grades 8–12)
Over 1,000 activity ideas to make U.S. History engaging and experiential. The activities revolve around students' multiple intelligences to make history interesting and exciting for students with all intelligences and learning styles. Students create posters, draw cartoons, sing songs, create graphs, and relive historical events. From life and events in early America to recent events in our nation's history, you'll never be short of ideas to make history come alive for your class. The 84 time-saving reproducible blackline masters come complete with a description of the historical topic or period to provide context and meaning. Make history an unforgettable experience. 176 pages. BMHU • $34
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Write! Social Studies
Multiple Intelligences & Cooperative Learning
Writing Activities

Virginia DeBolt (Grades 4–9)
Writing is thinking! Get your students writing and thinking about social studies with this collection of ready-to-use writing activities. Students delve deep into social studies issues as they work cooperatively with teammates on activities like writing the correspondence of two historical characters, publishing and sharing political cartoons, discussing and writing about famous historical quotations. Activities incorporate the multiple intelligences. Writing activities are perfect to start the class, introduce a new concept, end the unit, or use as a sponge activity. Book includes 36 cooperative writing activities with ready-to-use reproducible activity pages, and a brief description of dozens of cooperative learning techniques. 140 pages. BDSS • $24
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Cooperative Learning & Social Studies
Tom Morton & John Myers (Grades 6–12)
Written by the Outstanding Teacher of the Year, this book is an excellent guide for making social studies exciting and active, while covering course content. This book will show you how to use cooperative learning strategies to make your social studies classroom come alive. Each of the 24 cooperative strategies includes an in-depth description, steps, activity ideas to use the strategy with other social studies content, and a lesson with ready-to-use blackline masters. Lessons are designed to teach the themes recommended by the National Council of Social Studies including issues, geography, historical events, historical characters, and current events. Also includes how to get started, how to manage the cooperative social studies class, what to do for assessment and evaluation. A favorite for middle and high school social studies teachers! 220 pages. BMSS • $29
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Mix-N-Match Social Studies
(Grades 4–9)
Teach popular social studies concepts with dynamic learning games. Students each get a Mix-N-Match card related to the topic. They move about the room quizzing each other and trading Mix-N-Match cards. You call, "Freeze!" They then rush to find a partner with the matching card. "What is the capital of my state?" "What landform is this?" Students enjoy mixing and matching so much, they hardly realize they are repeatedly quizzing each other and mastering the content. Book includes reproducible Mix-N-Match card sets for: famous Americans, famous places, fire safety, geography vocabulary, historical events, holidays, inventions, landforms, state geography, states and capitals, Bill of Rights, world geography. 208 pages. BXSS • $19
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Social Studies 1 | 2