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Cooperative Learning & Algebra 2
Secondary Activities
Becky Bride (Grades 9–12)
Algebra 2 just got engaging! Based on the same successful formula as her other popular high school math books, Becky now offers you Algebra 2 using Kagan's full engagement structures. Your students will have fun, yes fun, as they practice math skills using RallyCoach, Sage-N-Scribe, Quiz-Quiz-Trade, and other interactive structures. More interaction means more learning for everyone. This book is not just a collection of activities. It is a full Algebra 2 curriculum with lessons and activities sequenced to maximize comprehension, complete with blackline activities and projectable pages. Chapters cover: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions, Rational Expressions and Functions, Radical Expressions and Functions, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Piecewise and Absolute Functions, Trigonometry, and Sequences and Series. 464 pages. BBAT • $34
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Cooperative Learning & Mathematics
High School Activities
Dina Kushnir (Grades 8–12)
Finally. A cooperative learning book specifically for high school mathematics teachers. Includes a rich array of activities for all levels of high school mathematics. You receive half a dozen Kagan cooperative learning structures: Line-Ups, Mix Pair RallyCoach, Mix-N-Match, Inside-Outside Circle, RallyCoach, RoundTable. For each structure you receive numerous activities and blackline masters for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. Activities for fractions, geometry definitions, graphs, probability, algebraic expressions, word problems, slope, angle, proofs, equations, functions, parabolas, and much, much more. Nearly 300 activities in all! Your students will work together successfully with these proven cooperative structures. Working together, your students enjoy math more and learn more. 420 pages. BKHSM • $34
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Cooperative Learning & Pre-Algebra
Secondary Activities
Becky Bride (Grades 6–10)
Motivate your students to excel with teamwork. You'll be amazed at how well your students will work in teams. They'll pay attention, solve problems together, help each other out when a teammate gets stuck, and discuss pre-algebra concepts every day! Master math teacher and celebrated author Becky Bride shares her step-by-step cooperative learning activities and explorations with you. With this terrific resource, Becky takes all the prep work out of teamwork. Chapters cover: whole numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportion, percent, coordinate planes, data analysis, and probability. See why students overwhelmingly prefer working together than working alone. Watch your test scores soar. Book includes reproducible blacklines for transparencies and activities. 312 pages. BBPA • $34
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Cooperative Learning & Algebra 1
Secondary Activities
Becky Bride (Grades 7–12)
Do you have students who struggle with algebra? Do they find the problems difficult to understand, or of little real-world value? Do they find the repetitive practice boring? The problem may not be algebra. It may be the way students are learning algebra. In this book, master teacher, trainer, and celebrated math author Becky Bride will show you step-by-step, activity-by-activity, and lesson-by-lesson how she used cooperative learning structures to help her students succeed with algebra year after year. When the power of student-to-student interaction is unleashed in algebra, students enjoy learning more and the abstract algebraic concepts become more concrete and understandable. Chapters cover: working with rational numbers, expressions, equations and inequalities, linear functions and vertical lines, linear systems, polynomials, radicals, and quadratic functions. Transform struggling students into successful mathematicians with motivating teamwork activities. Book includes reproducible transparencies and activities. 464 pages. BBA • $34
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Cooperative Learning & Geometry
High School Activities
Becky Bride (Grades 8–12)
Make geometry come alive using cooperative learning! In this book, you'll receive something you won't find in any textbook—HOW to teach geometry successfully. You will find over 200 step-by-step activities to enhance geometry exploration and mastery. In the process of working together through these carefully crafted activities, your students will learn more and enjoy geometry more than you ever imagined possible! Topics covered: definitions, angles and lines, constructions, triangles, polygons and quadrilaterals, similarity, Pythagorean theorem and special right triangles, area, volume, and circles. Includes reproducible geometry worksheets and blacklines for transparencies. 440 pages. BBG • $34
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Write! Mathematics
Multiple Intelligences &
Cooperative Learning Writing Activities

Virginia DeBolt (Grades 4–9)
Do you want to move beyond drill and kill, teaching math for understanding? Do you want to sharpen your students' mathematical thinking skills? Do you want your students to help each other learn about mathematics? Do you want to incorporate multiple intelligences in your math instruction? Yes? Here's your road map! Includes 36 cooperative writing activities guaranteed to get students thinking and writing about mathematics. The activities are open-ended, so they'll work with every mathematical topic you teach. 140 pages. BDM • $24
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Mathematics Higher-Level Thinking Questions
The mathematics standards call for moving beyond memorization, rote learning, and application of predetermined procedures. The standards call on teachers to work toward a deeper conceptual understanding and to foster mathematical reasoning. How do we foster such a deep understanding of mathematics concepts? With deep-thinking math questions, of course. You'll find questions for sixteen mathematics topics to promote mathematical thinking and interaction in your class. 160 pages each.

Elementary (Grades 3–6)
Question topics: Problem Solving, Patterns, Place Value and Numeration, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Money, Time, Fractions and Decimals, Linear Measurement, Capacity, Weight, Geometry, Data and Graphing, Probability. BQM • $19
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Secondary (Grades 7–12)
Question topics: Problem Solving; Number Patterns and Relationships; Whole Number and Decimal Place Value; Decimal Operations; Fraction Concepts; Fraction Addition and Subtraction; Fraction Multiplication and Division; Percents; Relating Fractions, Decimals, and Percents; Ratios, Rates, and Proportions; Statistics, Data Analysis, and Graphing; Algebra: Integers and Integer Operations; Algebra: Solving Equations and Inequalities; Geometry Concepts; Geometry and Measurement; Probability. BQSM • $19
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Save!Mathematics Learning Cubes
(Grades PreK–3)
Each squishably soft and quiet-to-roll foam cube measures 3 inches. $3 each cube or get a class set of 8 cubes for $16. Save $8!
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Money Cube
Help students recognize U.S. currency. Add and subtract money. Each side illustrates a different coin or bill: Dollar bill, fifty cents, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. Set of 8 cubes CMLM • $16 Save $8!

Single Money Cube MLM • $3

Shapes Cube
Each side has a different shape: Circle, square, triangle, star, rectangle, pentagon. Ideal for naming shapes and identifying shape properties. Set of eight cubes CMLSH • $16 Save $8!

Single Shapes Cube MLSH • $3

Mathematics 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6