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Differentiated Instruction 1 | 2

Differentiated Instruction Made Easy
Hundreds of Multi-Level Activities for All Learners
Phyllis Kaplan et Al. (Grades 2–8)
This hands-on resource is designed for teachers to support the individual learning needs of their students as they participate in similar tasks. Teachers will find hundreds of creative ideas that will motivate and reinforce learning for all students. The book's dynamic activities are targeted to specific subject areas and will help students to experience success despite their learning challenges. Subject areas include: reading, spelling, writing, math, history, geography, science, media, art, music, and service learning. 224 pages. DKDIM • $27

Differentiation through
Learning Styles and Memory

Marilee Sprenger (All Grades)
Utilizing an essential overview of how the brain processes, stores, and retains information, this valuable addition to your library will guide you in strategies for accessing sensory pathways and connecting learned content to the real world. Included are strategies to create a diverse learning environment, activities for helping students discover the best ways to retrieve information, and specific designs for differentiation in the classroom. Create a learning environment that addresses the needs of every student through knowledge of how the brain works. 184 pages. DSDLS • $35

10 Best Teaching Practices
How Brain Research, Learning Styles,
and Standards Define Teaching Competencies

Donna Walker Tileston (All Grades)
Touches on the "top 10" teaching practices to facilitate learning for all students, including: differentiation, learning environment, teaching for retention, collaboration, higher-order thinking, and technology integration. 112 pages. DWBTP2V • $32

Differentiation for Real Classrooms
Making It Simple, Making It Work
Kathleen Kryza, et Al. (All Grades)
Based on the authors' memorable and doable C U KAN and the Chunk, Chew, and Check frameworks, this book makes it easy for teachers to implement effective differentiated instruction. This ready-to-go resource helps educators identify a clear learning target, get to know their students as people and as learners, and understand how to vary the learning pathways to the same target for different learners. This book is an easy-to-read, application-oriented text on differentiating lessons to target all learners. 160 pages. DKDRC • $32

The Teacher’s Toolbox
for Differentiating Instruction

700 Strategies, Tips, Tools, and Techniques
Linda Tilton (All Grades)
Personalize your existing curriculum to meet the needs of all the learners in your classroom. With 700 simple-to-use strategies, there is a tool for the needs of every teacher. Topics covered include: reading, math, study skills, organization skills, self-esteem, professional collaboration, student empowerment, and accountability. 419 pages. DTTDI • $40

Lesson Design for
Differentiated Instruction

Kathy Tuchman Glass (Grades 4–9)
Differentiation allows teachers to target student needs and engage all students according to their learning preferences. Designed for teachers who are new to differentiating instruction, this book provides step-by-step guidance for creating meaningful lessons in language arts, math, science, and social studies at the upper elementary and middle school levels. Plan differentiated lessons that will promote learning for every student. 216 pages. DTLD • $39

Differentiated Instruction SmartCard
Meet your students' unique learning needs with a differentiated approach to teaching. This SmartCard addresses common questions about Differentiated Instruction, outlines the many ways in which students differ, and provides practical tips for managing the DI classroom. It features strategies and insights on how to differentiate the various aspects of instruction including: flexible grouping, assessment and evaluation, instructional materials, student support, products and presentations, instructional strategies, time and workload, difficulty, curriculum, and recognition. Use differentiated practices to help students reach their potential! TDI • $4
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Carol Ann Tomlinson

How to Differentiate Instruction
in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

Carol Ann Tomlinson (Grades K–12)
One of the most popular differentiated instruction books! This extended and updated edition includes examples and field-tested strategies to help teachers succeed in today's increasingly diverse classrooms. Learn proven ideas for how to match instructional approaches to the readiness, interests, and talents of all students including learning centers, hands-on activities, contracts, and investigative projects. Plus, read about new ways of structuring lessons to provide "scaffolds" for the lesson content, the procedures used in learning, and the products of learning. 117 pages. DTHDI • $25

The Differentiated Classroom
Responding to the Needs of All Learners
Carol Ann Tomlinson (Grades K–12)
How do you divide your time, resources, and efforts to effectively instruct your students of diverse backgrounds, readiness, skill levels, and interests? Tomlinson shares the latest research on learning, education, and change that supports differentiated instruction. She offers much more than theory, filling the pages with real-life examples of teachers and students using and benefiting from differentiated instruction. She guides you through small changes, then even larger ones, until differentiation becomes a way of teaching for you and your students. 132 pages. DTDC2V • $30

Differentiated Instruction 1 | 2