Pricing & Site Licenses
Individual Subscriptions

Individual Subscriptions are for individual teachers only. No staff development privileges. Teachers may purchase 1) Complete Subscription for all structures, or 2) Structure Subscription for individual structures.

For individual subscription questions or to subscribe by phone, please call Kagan Professional Development at 800.266.7576 (International and local 949.545.6300).

1. Complete Subscription

Unlimited access to all 14 Kagan Structures below for a single teacher for one year. Only $249. Save $125!

2. Structure Subscription

Subscribe to individual Kagan Structures with unlimited access for a single teacher for one year. Only $24.99 each.

Select structures, then click Subscribe Now!

School Subscriptions

School Subscriptions are for single schools only. Schools may purchase: 1) School Site License, or 2) Staff Development License.

For school subscription info and pricing, call
800.451.8495 or email your questions to: Ask about discounts for prior Kagan Trainings!

1. School Site License

Subscription includes individual user license for each teacher at your school for one year at a substantial discount. Site license also include an Administrator Account with accountability reports on every user.

2. Staff Development License

Administrator license to present at staff development meetings for one year.

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