Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Kagan Structures onDemand?
Kagan Structures onDemand is the definitive source to learn Kagan Structures online. Receive step-by-step instructions for each structure. Watch expert advice from Kagan's team of trainers. Observe experienced Kagan teachers modeling the structures across the subjects and grade levels. There's no better way to boost engagement in the classroom than Kagan Structures. And there's no better way to learn Kagan Structures online than Kagan Structures onDemand! Subscribe today.

Who Can I Contact with Questions About Kagan Structures onDemand?

For School Site License and Staff Development License pricing:
Toll Free: 800.451.8495

For questions about individual subscriptions and existing school subscriptions:
Toll Free: 800.266.7576
Local and International: 949.545.6333
Fax: 949.369.8599

For technical questions and support:
Toll Free: 800.933.2667
Local and International: 949.545.6300
Fax: 949.545.6301

Which Structures Are Available?
Structures are available individually and also as a complete package or school site license. Kagan Structures onDemand offers the following structures:

  • Fan-N-Pick
  • Find Someone Who
  • Inside-Outside Circle
  • Jot Thoughts
  • Mix-Pair-Share
  • Numbered Heads Together
  • Quiz-Quiz-Trade
  • RallyRobin
  • RallyCoach
  • RoundRobin
  • Showdown
  • Talking Chips
  • Team Interview
  • Timed Pair Share

Additional Structures may be added to Kagan Structures onDemand at a future date.

Does Kagan Structures onDemand Replace Face-to-Face Workshops on Kagan Structures?
There is no substitute for experiencing Kagan Structures firsthand. As a workshop participant, you will experience what your students experience as they do structures and fully grasp the power of Kagan Structures. You will also receive additional information about the Kagan approach to teaching and learning, not included in this online program. It is highly recommended that you attend a Kagan Workshop either before or after subscribing to Kagan Structures onDemand. Kagan Structures onDemand is not a replacement for face-to-face workshops, it is just an additional powerful avenue to support your professional development with Kagan Structures.


What Kind of Hardware Do I Need?
Kagan Structures onDemand is designed to maximize access. It works with nearly every computer, smartphone, and mobile devise that can access the internet. Any of the following devises with internet access should work to access Kagan Structures onDemand.

  • Mac
  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Which Internet Browsers Are Required?
Kagan Structures onDemand is a web-based program. Kagan Structures onDemand is designed to work with all major web browsers. All of the following browsers should be compatible with Kagan Structures onDemand. For maximum compatibility, please ensure you have a recent version installed.

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer

Since the program is based on high-quality video, a high-speed internet connection is highly recommended.


How Do Favorites Work? How Does My Structures List Work?
On your home page, you'll see "My Structures," a list of structures you subscribe to in alphabetical order. Click on any structure to see all content and videos on that structure. To make a structure a favorite, click the heart icon to the left of the structure name. The structure will jump to the top of the structure list. If you have more than one favorite, your favorites will be listed in alphabetical order at the top of the list. To un-favorite a structure, click the favorite heart icon again and it will be re-sorted alphabetically in the list of structures.

What Is the Progress Bar Next to the Structure Names?
Next to each structure on the My Structures list, there is a progress bar indicating how much of the structure has been viewed. The progress bar is based on the number of pages you've visited and videos you've viewed. So, for example, if there are 20 pages of Numbered Heads Together and you've visited 10 of the pages, the progress bar would indicate 50% of the structure has been viewed. This is a quick way to tell if there is more content you haven't accessed on the structure.

What Is My Dashboard?
My Dashboard contains tools to help you navigate Kagan Structures onDemand and to help you keep track of your progress. The two main tools are the 1) Structure Viewing History box and 2) the Subscription Dashboard box.

1) The Structure Viewing History box contains the structures you currently subscribe to. To the right of each structure, the columns list summary details about the structure:

  • Page Views – Total number of times you've visited any pages within this structure.
  • Percent – The total percent of content you've viewed for this structure.
  • Total Time – The total time of video you've viewed for this structure.
  • Expires – The date this structure expires.

Click on the expand arrow to the left of any structure name to see all the pages contained in that structure. Pages highlighted in gray mean you have never visited that page. Pages highlighted in yellow mean you've viewed at least a portion of that page. The stats columns keep track of your progress on each page including:

  • Page Views – Total number of times you've visited this page.
  • Percent – The total percent of content you've viewed for this page.
  • Total Time – The total time of video you've viewed for this page.

You may click on any structure or page at any time to be taken to that structure or page.

2) The Subscription Dashboard box keeps track of your viewing subscription and viewing information such as the number of active structures you have, how many structures you've visited, the last structure you visited, the last page you visited, and the structure you've visited the most.

What Is the Eye Icon on My Videos?
After you've viewed a video, an eye icon will appear on the video to indicate that you have already viewed that video.

How Can I Reset My Password?
Go to My Dashboard. Click the Reset button in the Reset Password box. You will receive an e-mail to reset your password.

How does the Search box work?
Use the Search box to find structures and/or specific content in Structures onDemand. For example, if you are looking for a structure, but can't recall the name, type in just a portion of the name that you recall. The Search Results will pull up recommended structures. If you are looking for a specific video, subject, grade, or tip, type in a search term or terms in the Search box and click the GO button. Search Results will pull up pages matching your search terms.

Subscriptions & Site Licenses

How Do School Site Licenses Work?
Schools may purchase a Site License so all teachers have access to Kagan Structures onDemand. Each Site License comes with an Administrator Account. The Administrator may invite his or her staff to join the School Site License. Once teachers accept the invitation, they create their own passwords to access Structures onDemand anytime and anywhere. The Administrator Account comes with reports so it is easy to track the progress of individual users as well as to check on the progress of the whole school. Administrators can easily see who has viewed the assigned structure, or who has visited a specific page. The Administrator Account is a great accountability tool for the administrator serious about making full engagement a professional development requirement.

How Do I Subscribe to Just One or a Few Structures?
While you receive a big discount when you subscribe to Kagan Structures onDemand as a package, you may also subscribe to single structures. To do so, go to the Pricing & Site License page and select the desired structures, then click on the Click to Buy button.

How Long Does My Subscription Last?
Subscriptions provide unlimited access to Kagan Structures onDemand for one year. If you purchase all structures at the same time, all structures will expire one year from purchase date. If you purchase structures separately, each structure will expire one year from purchase date.

Can I Renew My Subscription?
Of course you can! Kagan encourages you to renew your subscription annually so you'll always have the power of Kagan Structures at your fingertips.

Do I Lose Subscription Time if I Renew Early?
No. If you renew your subscription prior to expiration, you will not lose the time remaining on your prior subscription. For example, if your subscription expires December 31st, and you renew on December 1st (one month early), your new subscription would be active until January 31st the following year (13 months after renewal, 1 month on the old subscription, plus 12 months on the new one).

What Does a Subscription Cost? What are My Subscription Options?
Subscriptions may be purchased for individual structures, for all structures, as site licenses, and as a staff development license. Complete subscriptions and site licenses are available at substantial discounts. Prices vary depend on subscription type. Please click here to see the most current pricing.

Can I Use My Account to Do Trainings?
No. Whether purchased by you as an individual or by your school, using an individual user account for staff trainings is strictly prohibited. Individual accounts are exclusively for individual users. Staff trainings of any sort using Kagan Structures onDemand requires a Staff Development License.

What Is a Staff Development License?
A Staff Development License is a license that allows one teacher or administrator to use Kagan Structures onDemand for staff development meetings at his or her own school. The administrator is entitled to show the videos at staff workshops or trainings. The Staff Development license does not grant any rights to use Kagan Structures onDemand for any other trainings, either for free or for a profit.

Can I Share My Account?
No. Pricing is based on access by a single user. You are assigned a unique account. If your account is accessed by multiple users, your account may be terminated. Remember also that viewer history and progress is based on your user account and access of your account by other users will not accurately reflect your use of Kagan Structures onDemand.

Can I Copy Structures onDemand.
No. Kagan Structures onDemand is protected by copyright. You many not copy any content from Kagan Structures onDemand for any purposes without prior written permission from Kagan. See Kagan's Copyright Policy for Kagan's complete copyright policy.

Can I Duplicate the Blackline Masters Provided?
Yes. Subscription gives the individual teacher permission to use the blackline masters provided in his/her own classroom only. Blacklines or other content from Kagan Structures onDemand may not be shared with others without prior written permission from Kagan. See Kagan's Copyright Policy for Kagan's complete copyright policy.