Summer Academy 2021

Wichita, KS • July 28-29, 2021

Accelerating Achievement

Kagan Structures for Engagement and Achievement!

Grades K–12

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Based on years of experimentation and field-testing, Dr. Spencer Kagan has perfected simple instructional strategies and structures that dramatically increase the achievement of all students, especially low-achieving and low-ability pupils. In this active workshop, you will experience these strategies, derive the rationale, and learn ways to adapt them to your own classroom. They have two proven outcomes: Excellence and Equity. The Kagan Structures not only boost achievement for all students (increased excellence), they decrease the gap between low-and high-achieving students (increased equity). The strategies lift up the lows while accelerating the achievement of all students. Come learn how to apply these easy-to-learn, easy-to-use instructional strategies in any lesson, at any grade level. WS# 30375

Andover Central High School
603 E Central Ave.
Andover, KS 67002-8549
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Check-in 8:00 am
Course: 8:30 am–3:45 pm

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  • Boost test scores with an approach that is backed by scientific studies and loved by teachers
  • Experience easy-to-implement, research-based cooperative instructional strategies
  • Accelerate content knowledge with structures for mastery and retention
  • Watch all students excel, especially lower achievers
  • Engage all students with strategies that encourage participation by each student
  • Give every student a circle of peer encouragement, support, and tutoring
  • Master new structures designed to address the five dimensions of accelerating achievement

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