Details about Dynamic Trainer workshop

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Details about Dynamic Trainer workshop

Post by platinumleadership » Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:56 am

Hello! I'm Corinne Walsh, Principal of Platinum Leadership Inc. I'm hearing great things about the Kagan approach (especially from my teacher friends!) and am considering your Dynamic Trainer workshop.

By way of background ... Our firm works with enterprises across multiple sectors (education, health care, banking, manufacturing, nonprofit, government). We provide leadership development and organizational effectiveness supports to amplify the performance of leaders, teams and organizations. Corporate training is part of our suite of services. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in adult education principles and processes. We are looking for new techniques to 'amp up' our service delivery and continue to provide clients with cutting edge, creative approaches. I'm curious how well aligned the Dynamic Trainer workshop is for our needs. Can you tell me more about:
- The topics covered in your Dynamic Trainer workshop;
- At what level the training is being offered (e.g., introductory, advanced, etc.);
- What previous participants from a corporate environment have said about their return on investment.

Thanks for your time! I really appreciate your wisdom and insights!

Tom Searl
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Re: Details about Dynamic Trainer workshop

Post by Tom Searl » Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:02 pm

Hello Corrine ~

Thanks for your interest in Kagan's Dynamic Trainer course! It's great to hear that your friends and colleagues in education are using Kagan structures in their educational settings!

If you are training adults and you want them to process, remember, and enjoy your sessions, then coming to this training is a must! The heart of the workshop focuses on the 10 top Domains for Active Engagement. You'll walk away knowing these Domains and how to use them in your presentations. Some of the other topics included are: The 5 Principles of Brain Friendly Training, Qualities of a Good Trainer, What you say and How you say it, Secrets to Success, Getting Off to the Right Start, Use of Multiple Intelligences within your trainings, handling Difficult Adult learners, Planning your Presentation, and Interpreting Evaluations.

I've also done a "cut and paste" of the description of the course from the Kagan website:

Why has Laurie Kagan's Dynamic Trainer course become one of the most popular courses ever offered by Kagan? Education and business trainers rave about Laurie's fresh, dynamic approach to training adults. Must-know training concepts and techniques are interwoven with dozens of Kagan Structures so you create unforgettable trainings every time. Expect to be physically engaged and mentally stimulated throughout this high-powered session. Regardless of what you train, this workshop empowers you to create dynamic presentations based on multiple intelligences, brain-compatible learning, and cooperative learning. Your participants will have more fun, learn more, and remember more of what you have to share. If you're a professional trainer, come sharpen your skills. If you're an aspiring trainer, come learn the tricks of the trade.

Hope this helps and hope to see you in Orlando!
Take care,
Tom Searl

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Re: Details about Dynamic Trainer workshop

Post by Cavy_09 » Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:58 pm

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