Best way to implement Kagan at beginning of school year

Questions or discussion about Kagan theory, research, or implementing Kagan in your classroom.
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Best way to implement Kagan at beginning of school year

Post by slats » Sat May 31, 2008 9:22 am

I was in a Kagan workshop June 2007, but have changed my teaching position from a junior high to fourth grade. In Louisiana it is the LEAP year where fourth graders take a high stakes test that is a pass/fail for the year. Much of the year is devoted to preparation for this important test. What is the best way to implement Kagan the first day/week of school? I plan to start with Classbuilding structures in order to establish classroom routines and procedures. Which would be the best ones to begin with?

Christi Brown
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Post by Christi Brown » Sat Jun 14, 2008 5:11 am

You are correct to begin with classbuilding and teambuilding. I like Find Someone Who... at the beginning of the year. Create or find worksheets for fun, students get to know each other, then have some worksheets for practicing skills for the LEAP. Also, don't forget teambuilding: fan-n-pick can also be for fun with "All About Me" cards, in the D section of your binder, or cards for LEAP review. This way, the students are getting 2 structures for novelty and challenge, and you get a positive classroom environment while practicing for the LEAP. You might also check the domains chart in the front of the B section of your binder and search for "Mastery" or "Thinking Skills" structures. Have fun! ~Christi