Should I give in and switch a student's group?

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Should I give in and switch a student's group?

Post by staceylben » Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:32 am

I really feel like this is a big no and it's only the second week with CL groups. I have done lots of classbuilding, several team builders and I have one group that just can't get along. Today two of the boys in this group broke each others pencils and one (allegedly) spit at the other while trying to share a Sharpie. (Specific instructions were given: Person A write the label on your picture and then pass the sharpie to Person B.) In fact, one of the boys involved came from a private school and has a very thick folder about poor social skills, anger, and taunting of other kids. He is the one who claims that he was spit upon, the other child denies it. This is a 6th grade math class.

We were unable to settle the problem in class because one of the students would not talk to me about what happened. He later was sent to guidance when he would not do anything for his next period teacher.

So, I am really opposed to switching up groups and am afraid making an exception for this one group will start the requests for different assignments. So far this year, no one else has pushed the issue about working in the group you are assigned to. I took the week long CL class this summer, but am unsure what to do. I'm pretty sure the answer from guidance after the above incident will be to separate the two boys, but will this mess up the CL groups I'm trying to set up? I have four classes and all is well so far except for this one group.



Christi Brown
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Re: Should I give in and switch a student's group?

Post by Christi Brown » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:23 pm

I agree with your thought that "if we switch this group others will request it" when they disagree, or don't know the other person on the team.

Since you have access to your CL materials from the course, look at two things:
1. "WE like" teambuilder from the CL binder, page B:72 or 73. Make copies, and use yourself as a model to allow those students find out a really cool fact about yourself. I use humor as an advantage tool sometimes.
2. Textbook, chapter 10 "Teambuilding" has a detailed explanation of the 5 AIMS of TB. These students might need a lot of AIM one and AIM two.

Beyond the scope of all that you are doing with Classbuilding and Teambuilding, have you attended a WIn-Win training? Or do you have access to the Win-Win book? It is full of ideas and instructions when dealing with perhaps your unique behaviors in the class.
I am so happy to hear about you using teams in your math class! Keep it up! You are doing a great job of not allowing a few to upset all the others receiving such benefits!

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Re: Should I give in and switch a student's group?

Post by Jackie Minor » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:29 pm

How are things going? It has been a while since your post. You were on the right track. Instead of messing up other teams it sounds like this particular students would not work well no matter where he is. You might have to separate the two boys and then gradually let them work together periodically in their team. This is more a discipline issue than an instructional one so you have to look at it differently. I would be interested to hear how it went.