Can't find a structure name

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Can't find a structure name

Post by rloeb » Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:34 pm

While attending an Orlando weekend class, Christie Brown showed us a remarkable structure, but I can't find the name. It was used as a review. It went like this:
1) each group had a stack of small square sheets
2) when Christie said go, we were to call out a structure, write it on the sheet, and place it in the center of the team table.
3) once the structure was called, no one could use it.
4) each team member was calling out structures and writing them-- trying to be the first to put it on the pile before time was called.
5) time was called and one person from the group took our pile to another group and placed our words upside down so they could not be viewed by the new team.
6) someone in our group turned over the first square and gave clues about the structure until we guessed it.
7) once guessed, the next person took a square sheet and gave clues for the structure.
8) this continued until time or the words were used.
9) next, we exchanged the squares again and received a new group of squares.
10) now instead of sharing clues verbally, we had to act out the word until the team guessed.
11) this continued until time or the words were used.

Does anyone know what this structure is called?

Christi Brown
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Re: Can't find a structure name

Post by Christi Brown » Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:59 pm

This is Christi Brown! I can help you but it sounds like there is more than one structure possibility - which is easy to blur after a 5-day MI training! <smiles>

1) I used a structure called JOT THOUGHTS to have you brainstorm as a team to develop the content/cards to use for another structure in MI. The structure we used in Day 2 is called DRAW IT. Our first experience was as a teambuilding structure with topics on Jot Thought cards with: place to visit, foods, movies, sport/hobby - - then teams play DRAW IT to guess the fun content. You are correct about trading with a team, but we only had teammates guess the content by drawing (think pictionary). Then we used "modes of transportation" as the content. If you refer to your MI binder, D:29-30 you will see DRAW IT.

2) Later that same week - we used TEAM CHARADES for teambuilding with animal names. MI binder, D:127-132.

3) If you attended the "Classbuilding/Teambuilding" weekend course - the only Jot Thoughts we did was about motivating students for Hunter's Motivation Theory. I do not remember using only structure names for the content.

Hope this clarifies more for you. Have fun and enjoy!
Keep in touch!
All the Best,
~Christi Brown