PE reduction??

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PE reduction??

Post by Rob » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:27 pm

Another question came to me from a participant, Anne, and I wanted to make sure that more people got to see Dr. Kagan's response:

I wanted to ask you, as a Kagan representative/trainer and former teacher, what your thoughts are about using Kagan strategies as a way to justify students not having recess or extra/additional physical activity. I am working to bring more physical activity to the students in my building and the concern at the district level is that it would take away too much instructional time. I was then told that if Kagan strategies are used throughout the day that the students would have ample time for movement so a recess time is not needed. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Spencer replied promptly with:

Dear Rob and Anne,

To use Kagan Silly Sports as a substitute for good PE is foolish. Schools that cut back on PE and spend more time on math and reading get lower scores on math and reading!

Students who take a 20 minute power walk before a standarized reading test score one full grade higher than those who sit quietly for the 20 minutes.

The data is in: good aerobic exercise produces higher academic scores as well as reduces discipline problems.

As one student said, “When we run, we get more done!”

A few minutes of a Silly Sport is no substitute for getting the hear and lungs working for a good 20 minutes.

PE classes with free play are of little value; standing around in outfield waiting for someone to hit the baseball your way is of little value; we need good programs that create aerobic exercise.

The evidence is on the web: Just Google “Exercise and Academic Achievement” tons of articles will come up.

The best book to summarizes the research is Spark by John Ratey a Harvard physiologist.