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Help Me Remember

Post by melissasw » Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:03 am

Participant left this question on the parking lot during break which I think all teachers could benefit from and hear what other teachers/trainers have done.
"Help!! I've got the rest of the summer to forget all that I've learned in the training. What can I do so I don't forget before school starts?"
You need to process what you've learned in order to retain and recall all that great information, just like when you are teaching new concepts to your students. As Laurie Kagan says, you need to "stop and chew on it".

Things you can do over the summer....take the time to read specific chapters in the Cooperative Learning book. To begin with I suggest reading Classbuilding, Teambuilding, Management, Structures, Social Skills. Highlight, write yourself clarifying notes, add your ideas to the margins.

One thing I did that really helped process all the structures I learning in the training......I copied the steps of the each structure, cut each page in half, so I just had the steps of one structure, glued the steps to a 5x7 index card. On the back of the card I wrote the list of ideas of how to use that structure that my team generated during the training. I didn't laminate these right away. During the school year my grade level would meet and brainstorm ways to use the structure throughout the year. At the end of the year I laminated, hole punched and put them on a ring so they were easy access.

Create an Action Plan
Oftentimes this is completed during the training, giving participants a step by step implementation plan, starting with management-things you can do prior to students arrival.
~clustering desks into teams of 4, angled to where teacher does most of the direct instruction
~number seats-1, 2, 3, 4
~labeling seats A/B partners
~write a list of teambuilding/classbuilding questions appropriate to your grade level
~set up random teams
~if your going to use an ipod for music - download songs you want to use -create playlists
~Plan your first week with Classbuilding/Teambuilding questions and structures
Once students arrive:
~Teach S their seat number and A/B partners
~Teach RallyRobin with a fun question
~Use RallyRobin to check for understanding, processing direct instruction; use in other content areas- get comfortable using this structure - increases student engagement
~Teach Round Robin - Single or Continuous - begin with a fun question - Teambuilding
~Use Round Robin for processing content/review/brainstorming, etc.
~Use Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up -begin with fun question - Classbuilding
~Use SU HU PU to process content/check for understanding/review, etc.
~follow the same sequence, adding new structures slowly
Once you've done a lot of classbuilding/teambuilding for fun, having created a brain friendly, safe environment where your students feel safe to share, take risk of being wrong without fear of being ridiculed by peer.....add structures for practice and review of content (test prep); RallyCoach, Quiz, Quiz, Trade, Fan-N-Pick, RallyTable, etc. Choose structures appropriate for your content....refer to page 6.24 in your Cooperative Learning Book - start with your content, what function does that content fall into, then choose an appropriate structure.