What to do with part time inclusion students?

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What to do with part time inclusion students?

Post by melissasw » Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:14 pm

At a recent training, a participant posed a situation that she experiences in her classroom that I thought I'd share as I'm sure she is not alone. She is a regular education teacher but has several part time inclusion students that join her class for a small part of the day. She's very excited to implement Kagan but isn't quite sure how it's going to work with these part time students.
My first suggestion was to include them on a team of 5, but not an end seat so they feel part of a team. When they join the class for the day, I suggested posing a teambuilding question to build that team bond, safety, and comfortability factor. I also suggested twinning them with someone they feel safe with during classbuilding structures as they do not possess grade level skills. Any other ideas??

Wendy Burke
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Re: What to do with part time inclusion students?

Post by Wendy Burke » Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:24 am

Great points Melissa on the need to do Classbuilding and Teambuilding while these students are in the room. They need to feel part of a community, and part of a safe learning environment. I also agree that teams of 5 work well for these students. I would say a few other thoughts or things to consider.....
* Although budding with a higher ability student can be a good initial fix, Special Ed students are still held to the same on grade-level standards are their peers. With that in mind, I would look at the dynamic of the students on the Special Ed students team, to make sure they are encouraging and good at coaching. Then, look at what accommodations I, the teacher, need to provide the Special Ed student- so they are successful with on-grade level material. Does the teacher need to provide: manipulatives, extra processing time to write think time, actual coaching tips or frames to be successful at coaching?
* Within their 6 week teams, teachers should still be forming homogeneous teams. This is a great opportunity to spiral, and for remediation of, material as needed with similar ability peers. Centers also make a great opportunity to spiral content, and provide for additional exposure/practice. Teachers can even tier centers based upon readiness.
My last comment would be, to work closely with the school's Child Study team. They are a wealth of information! Best wishes to the teachers with inclusion students. Have an amazing school year!