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Post by krisosthoff » Wed May 02, 2012 1:52 pm

Recently some teachers shared with me something we can all relate to in classrooms. "The end of the school year is approaching, and my students are more talkative and antsy than normal. It makes it a real challenge. Any tips?"
One great idea is to focus on social skills: I would definitely encourage teachers to stay consistent with high expectations and continue to model. Model the structure before students do it. Model appropriate social skills that teachers want to see during the structure. Appropriate social skills are key this time of year. I would even encourage looking through Chapter 11 for various ideas on the Five Tools for Social Skill Development. There are so many great ideas for creating Roles and Gambits. Notice the Y-chart. Also, check out ideas on Positive Reinforcement. Some additional ideas to help students Reflect are in there, too. I continually notice more ideas every time I go to that chapter.

Christi Brown
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Re: "end-of-school-year-itis"

Post by Christi Brown » Mon May 07, 2012 11:10 am

LOVE the end of the school year!! NOt only for yourself but for your students as well!!

This is the time we get to experiment with all those structures we were afraid to try!! I practiced as many new Structures AND SillySports as I could. When the beginning of the year came around in August, I was ready, and my toolbox of academic ideas and brain breaks was overflowing with choices!!!
It also created a climate of where my students were sad when the school year ended. Go figure, I was practicing, and they were learning and having fun! We ended on a high note! It also made August easier to plan!!
Have a great summer, but take this end of the year and ENJOY!

Wendy Burke
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Re: "end-of-school-year-itis"

Post by Wendy Burke » Mon May 07, 2012 12:16 pm

I agree! The end of the year was my favorite time of the year. Testing was over- and I could breathe! I too branched out and tried new structures. My students loved the variety. There was a book I found called Fairy Tales on Trial. It was filled with great activities like putting Goldilocks on trial against the 3 Bears. We had a court room session in our room, where we had local news people come in and judged our trial. Students for the defense and prosecution wrote persuasive essays for their side. Witness needed to prepare for questions being asked- and we even had a jury of their peers. For each step of the trial preparation we used structures. From the brainstorming of evidence and questions, practicing and preparing speeches, to using Talking Chips to have the jury deliberate and Spend a Buck to determine the sentence. Students loved it! The structures ensured every student had a voice and ownership.