Forming Student Teams

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Forming Student Teams

Post by cforeman » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:07 pm

This is going to be my first year using Kagan in my second grade classroom. I went to the 5 Day Workshop in July. I am setting up my classroom which has five tables that seats five students per table. I will have 23 students this year. Should I do three tables with 5 students and two tables with 4 students? I am unable to get another table, change the type of tables, or desks. I don't know how the structures will work with 5 students.

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Re: Forming Student Teams

Post by Jackie Minor » Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:50 pm

We are so glad you are thinking deeply about how to seat your students! You are right, team of 4 are really the best. If it is at all possible, I would recommend you do 5 teams of 4 and then find a smaller table where you can have one team of 3. That will really work the best. Sometimes, there are other tables or setups we can make available.

If that isn't possible, then you will have to go with what you suggested - 3 teams of 5 and two of 4. Sit the teams of 5 next to each other so that you can do pair work with the extra students.

Also, when putting the teams together, if you have to do teams of 5, consider students that are pulled out or absent a lot. You may want them in a team of 5. You can still do the structures with teams of 5. There is just a bit of adapting you need to do and you have less simultaneous interaction. However, it is MUCH better than sitting kids in rows and calling on one!!

Good luck!