Implementing Strategies & Activities with ESOL Students

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Implementing Strategies & Activities with ESOL Students

Post by martinataylor » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:04 am

I teach secondary math and for the 1st day of school am planning to use "Picking Stickies" as a teambuilding exercise. During orientation, a parent shared that my student speaks no English. Our school eliminated our ESOL coordinator position this school year and I am at a loss for what needs to happen on Monday morning. Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations, etc. are gratefully accepted.

Tom Searl
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Re: Implementing Strategies & Activities with ESOL Students

Post by Tom Searl » Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:35 am

Hello and thanks for your message!

Happy to hear that you're wanting to use Picking Stickies for fun. This classbuilding structure is great as you watch your students network and get to know one another based on things they like.

For your non English speaker, you have options :-). But please keep in mind, this student is most likely at the pre productive stage of oral language acquisition and you can be assured they will be learning even though they may not be producing language!

One option is to have that student partner up with another welcoming classmate and they can both walk around together picking items they BOTH like.

Another option is to give all students a sentence frame to initiate communication.
For example, "One thing I like is ...because...." "Are there any items you like?" This way all students are saying the same frame as they are communicating. Your non English speaker, with their partner, can attempt to repeat their partner and have access to language!

Students can also be asked to draw a simple picture to accompany their word. This visual will help students have even more fun as they enjoy the drawings they make. Your non speaker can be given pictures you've made. The student can walk around Picking Stickies with picture cards, but so will everyone else!

Hope some of these ideas help! Your students are lucky to have you as a high school teacher who uses structures!