Kagan Winter Academies 2019

Las Vegas, NV February 17

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Las Vegas, NV

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Reading Between the Lines

Develop Deep Thinking While Reading in Every Subject!

February 17, 2019 (Grades 1–8)

Today’s standards demand students think more deeply about more complex texts and support their thinking with evidence from the text. Consequently, students are expected to deal with and understand authors’ ideas, not just the information stated directly in the text. This workshop provides you with simple, concrete activities and engaging structures that guide students to actively interact with texts—making the complex inferential process a habit of mind for all students. Applicable for all courses that include text content. WS# 26960

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  • Show students how to read closely to make logical inferences from texts
  • Structure team sharing to explain and describe points of view
  • Have students identify key ideas and details and share them with classmates
  • Use strategies to have students ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding
  • Develop the skills of describing relationships between varying texts
  • Teach your class to cite specific textual evidence to support conclusions drawn from a text
  • Promote comprehension of complex literary and informational texts

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