Kagan Winter Academies 2020

Las Vegas, NV February 16-19, 2018

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Las Vegas, NV

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Elementary Literacy
& The Writing Process

Combine and SAVE $99!February 15–18, 2019 (Grades K–5)

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Free Kagan Materials
You will receive your workbook at the event.
Elementary Literacy Course Workbook
The Writing Process Course Workbook

Bonus Materials

Available only to participants, and only if purchased at the time of registration. Bonus materials will be shipped to you at the address provided on your registration form. Your materials package includes:

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Elementary Literacy
Regular Price $107. Your Price $79. Save $28!

  1. Two books: Cooperative Learning Reading Activities and Higher-Level Thinking Questions: Language Arts
  2. Eight Sets of Reading Comprehension Learning Chips
  3. Eight Student Selector Spinners
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The Writing Process
Regular Price $89. Your Price $69. Save $20!

  1. Cooperative Learning Writing Activities book
  2. Eight Journal Starters Learning Cubes
  3. Eight Reader Response Learning Cubes
  4. Poster Projects: Book Reports
  5. Prewriting Biography/Autobiography Question Cards
  6. Prewriting Stories Question Cards
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